30-Day Yoga Challenge

We’re making our challenges even more daring on the second half of the year. After the 21-Day Yoga Challenge, we’re taking the challenge up a notch with the 30-Day Yoga Challenge. No more makeup classes, no more excuses. Only the willing can complete the 30-Day Yoga Challenge.

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  1. From July 16 – September 30, 2018, each student who joins the 30-Day Yoga Challenge will receive milestone rewards for the 15th and 30th consecutive day of yoga practice.
  2. Each student who reaches a milestone will receive the following rewards:
    • Day 15 Challenger Kit (contents to be announced)
    • Day 30 Finisher Kit (contents to be announced)

Rewards must be claimed at the studio the student registered.

  1. Those who complete the challenge can avail of the 100 Day Unlimited Pass at P10,000 and the 6-month Unlimited Pass at P17,400 (Discounted from P24,600). Installment payment is available for 3 months at 0% interest with Citibank and BPI cardholders.
  2. Registration period is from July 16 – September 1. The challenge must be completed on or before September 30.
  3. Both members and non-members can join the challenge for P3000. Annual pass holders can join with a minimal fee of P1500. We will freeze existing passes of members who will join the challenge.
  4. Each challenger will also receive his or her 30-Day Yoga Challenge Card upon registration. This will be used to monitor the attendance of the student. The Urban Ashram Yoga Studio Assistant Manager or Studio Manager will sign the card every time the student attends a class. Date will be indicated for tracking.
  5. The challenge must be completed in 30 days—starting from the first day of the challengers’ 30-Day Yoga Challenge. No makeup class is allowed. The challenge must be completed without missing a day of class while challenge is on going.

Terms & Conditions apply.

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See the class schedules here. For inquiries and reservations, call the Brixton studio at 661-YOGA (9642) or the Menarco studio at 869-YOGA (9642).
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