Intercare at BGC

Intercare is a global pioneer in the exciting new field of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM). They specialize in making yogis feel better by helping them to return to a state of natural balance, empowering them to live a pain-free life.

Intercare offer treatment for musculoskeletal pain and injuries using natural, non-surgical, and non-invasive methods. They integrate traditional, medically-oriented models of care with alternative and complementary methods such as chiropractic, acupuncture, Myotherapy and rehabilitation medicine.

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PROMO (until 31 May 2017)

Service Promo Price
Buy 5 Physical Therapy sessions Get 1 session free Php 7500
Buy 10 Physical Therapy sessions Get 2 sessions free Php 15000

Basic Treatment

Service Length of Treatment Price
Physical Therapy (Full) 40-45 minutes Php 1500
Physical Therapy (Focused) 20-25 minutes Php 800
ICSS (Full) 40-45 minutes Php 1500
ICSSS (Focused) 20-25 minutes Php 800
ISMART 20-30 minutes Php 2100


Service Length of Treatment Price
Physical Therapy + ICSS (Full) 40-45 minutes Php 2000
Physical Therapy (Focused) + ISMART 40-45 minutes Php 3300

Rocktape & Services

Service Length of Treatment Price
Rocktape Strip (10) Php 150
Rocktape Roll (Plain) Php 750
Rocktape Roll (Design) Php 800
Rocktape Taping Fee (One Area) 10-15 minutes Php 300
Rocktape Taping Fee (Multiple Areas) 10-15 minutes Php 500

A non-refundable fee of Php 500 is required to finalise your reservation. This fee is deductible from the total price of your chosen treatment.

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Intercare will be offering their services in 3F Active Fun, 9th Avenue corner 28th Street, BGC, starting 1 March 2017. They are available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Call 869-YOGA (9642) to reserve.

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