Stability & Strength in Pregnancy

Couples’ 4-Day Course
This 4-day module is geared towards expecting couples on what to do to make the pregnancy a joyous journey. Partners will be actively engaged and learn the techniques the same way their expectant moms do, instilling a deep sense of support and encouragement for each other.

Day 1: Find Neutral Together
Day 1, the couple will Find Neutral Together – finding the right balance to bearing weight in Postural Alignment. Accessing the right muscles to support the structure of the spine creates stability in movement. Learning to transition safely form lying down to standing up or sitting down to prevent discomfort, Diastasis Recti and other issues that may happen in pregnancy. Movement techniques will be practiced to enable the couple to be at ease as the baby grows bigger in the belly. We will use restorative techniques to release the couple from tension, anxiety and worry. Stability and Balance will be the main focus of this day.

Day 2: Breathe Together
Day 2, the couple will learn to Breathe Together, when we utilize the our breath, we create space, calm and energy. Breathing Techniques with movements will be taught that will address common pregnancy issues like breathlessness, sleeplessness and exhaustion. We will develop Cardiovascular Endurance to prepare the couple for delivery, birth and the first few days of having a newborn baby. We will learn the ability to use the breath for relaxation and guided imagery.

Day 3: Push and Pause Together
Day 3, the couple will Push and Pause Together, training together for Labor and Delivery. Learning about what happens during the 1st and 2nd stages of labor, equipping the couple with movements to ease discomfort, showing optimal labor positions and breathing techniques to ride the waves of contractions and get familiar with the ways and means for relaxation while in labor. Muscular Strength and Endurance will be gained as we do the movements in this practice.

Day 4: Recover Together
Day 4, the couple will Recover Together, the first 24 hours after giving birth is one of the peak points in a couple’s life. They will have met their baby and have him/her in their arms. It’s exhilarating! At the same time, both parents will be tired from the intensity of giving birth, whether its natural, normal, or CS. We will discuss what happens on the first day of giving birth; how to support the mom and help her adjust to the New Normal. The couple will be equipped with the first few gentle movements to incorporate while on the bed, and breath work to support relaxation to help make recovery more effective and efficient. Enhancing Motor Skills and Proprioception will be the key take home for this work.

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Introductory Rate Published Rate (June onwards)
Php 4500 Php 5000

Terms & Conditions apply.

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Day Time Teacher
Sundays 10:00 am – 12:00 nn JP Abinuman-Cox

The first run will start on 3 June 2018. All sessions will be held at 9F The Menarco Tower, 32nd Street corner 9th Avenue, BGC. See map.

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JP is director and incorporator of Lifespace, Inc., operator of Urban Ashram Yoga. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher with a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 designation, and has been teaching yoga since 2011.

JP finished her 200-hour teacher training with YogaWorks, and was trained under Joan Hyman. Since then, she’s taken multiple training hours with leaders in the industry, such as Clayton Horton, Annie Carpenter, James Brown, Leslie Kazadi, and Dr. Ray Long. She also took a 100-Hour Birthlight Perinatal Training with Dr. Francoise Freedman, and Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Lei Sadakari.

She has led numerous explorations, workshops, and classes in Urban Ashram Yoga for both beginner and intermediate practitioners alike.

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For inquiries, call 869 YOGA (9642) or 0917 718 YOGA (9642).
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