Yoga Exploration Series (YES)

Take your practice to the next level—wherever you are!

Yoga Exploration Series (YES): Core
29 April 2018 (Sunday), 3-5 pm with Janaka Ordoñez

What to expect: A thorough overview of the many muscles that make up the core, as well as a guided exploration of the subtler, very easy to overlook aspects of having a strong core. The exploration will be done through a well-rounded class with occasional pit stops to clarify and highlight the work in each pose.

You will learn: At the end of the workshop you will understand why having a strong core is a lot more complex than just having a six-pack.

Yoga Exploration Series (YES): Transitions
3 June 2018 (Sunday), 3-5 pm with Nica de Erquiaga

What to expect: We will focus on certain shoulder movements and muscles that play an important role in transitioning with more stability.

You will learn: Transition options for students that are relative to current capacities, and how to apply those in a Vinyasa Flow class format. You will learn how to personalize your practice according to what you can do now, and how they can progress from there.

Yoga Exploration Series (YES): Arm Balances
29 July 2018 (Sunday), 3-5 pm with MJ Diño

What to expect: An in-depth exploration of different variations of arm balancing poses, the mechanics of sustaining flight, as well as mindfulness in finding the correct amount of effort and alignment that will keep your body safe.

You will learn: Students will learn how to tackle accessible arm balancing poses, play with variations, and experience how different actions and efforts come together to kick off and sustain flight.

Yoga Exploration Series (YES): Inversions
30 September 2018 (Sunday), 3-5 pm with Ron Habla

What to expect: A thorough and accessible module to get upside down, maintain being upside down, and come back upright with control. Attendees will benefit from being given individualized suggestions to explore the areas of work that they find most challenging or need to shore up most.

You will learn: Students will be able to identify what the foundations of basic inversions are. In addition, students are to ascertain their own physical challenges whenever they go upside down.

Yoga Exploration Series (YES): Backbends
25 November 2018 (Sunday), 3-5 pm, Teacher TBA

What to expect:  Your skillful teachers will guide you through a fun yet challenging practice that prepares the body for a series of backbends, with a few twists along the way.

You will learn: The workshop aims to teach the components of proper backbends so they can be practiced correctly, safely, and pain-free, guided by a more profound knowledge of how to prepare the body and keep it safe.

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Package Early Bird Rate Published Rate
Workshop Pass Php 1200 Php 1500

Terms & Conditions apply.

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Workshop Date Day Time Venue Teacher
YES Core 29 Apr 2018 Sunday 3-5 pm Pasig Janaka Ordoñez
YES Transitions 3 Jun 2018 Sunday 3-5 pm BGC Nica de Erquiaga
YES Arm Balances 29 Jul 2018 Sunday 3-5 pm BGC MJ Diño
YES Inversions 30 Sep 2018 Sunday 3-5 pm BGC Ron Habla
YES Backbends 25 Nov 2018 Sunday 3-5 pm BGC TBA

Our Pasig studio is located at 3F Brixton Building, Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. See map.

Our BGC studio is located at 9F The Menarco Tower, 32nd Street corner 9th Avenue, BGC. See map.

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