Yoga Exploration Series (YES)

3 June & 29 July 2018
Take your practice to the next level—wherever you are! Join these two-hour workshops to progress your practice with intelligence and strength.

Stability & Strength in Pregnancy

3-24 June 2018
This 4-day module is geared towards expecting couples on what to do to make the pregnancy a joyous journey.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Basics

5 June – 4 July 2018
Join our first Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Basics Series! We will focus on pranayam (the science of breath), and controlling the flow of prana by using breathing techniques.

Beginners Yoga Course

17 June 2018
Designed as an introduction for beginners and a refresher for returning students, this course offers foundational knowledge and practical tips before starting a yoga practice.

Dad & Me Yoga

30 June 2018
Dad & Me Yoga is Urban Ashram Kids Yoga’s way of celebrating the awesome dads out there who love practicing yoga just as much as their kids do!

Tantra Flow Yoga

30 June – 1 July 2018
Jeanne Heileman teaches yoga at workshops that infuse clear alignment for the outer body, with the spirit of Tantra to access the inner body. Each workshop becomes a true yoga experience.

Yoga Physics

25-27 August 2018
Through her Yoga Physics methodology, Alex Crow aims to clearly explain in the simplest terms the what, why’s and how’s of asana, meditation and yogic philosophy making the practice approachable for everyone, of every level and of every walk of life.

YogaWorks 200-Hour Teacher Training

1-26 October 2018
The YogaWorks foundational 200-hour program will advance your practice, take you deeper into the many layers of yoga, build your confidence and help find your voice.