Packages & Promos

We’ve got the perfect package for every kind of Urban Yogi. New-To-Yoga Passes, Unlimited Passes, Flexipasses, and the Great Year Yoga PRIME Membership only apply to regular yoga classes. Separate passes may be bought for Kids Yoga and Birthlight Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga.

Packages bought online may only be used in the Pasig and BGC studios. If you intend to practice in The City Club, your pass must be purchased in the club. Learn more here.

Read up on our Purchase Policies.

New-To-Yoga (NTY) Pass

Package Price
15-Day Unlimited Pass Php 1500
40-Day Unlimited Pass Php 3500

Great Yoga Year PRIME Membership

Package Price
Great Yoga Year PRIME Php 54000


Package Price
Flexipass Card Php 3000
Reload 5 Classes Php 2750
Reload 10 Classes Php 5000
Reload 20 Classes Php 8000

Birthlight Yoga Pass

Package Price
1 Class Php 750
5 Classes Php 3250
10 Classses Php 6000

December Sale

Package Price
Package Price
1-Week Pass Php 1050
1 Month Unlimited Pass Php 3225
6 Month Unlimited Pass Php 18450
12 Month Unlimited Pass Php 35100
Flexipass Reload 16 Classes Php 6000
Flexipass Reload 24 Classes Php 8400
Flexipass Reload 48 Classes Php 14400
Flexipass Reload 96 Classes Php 28800

Kids Yoga Pass

Package Price
1 Class Php 650
5 Classes Php 2750
10 Classses Php 5000

Unlimited Pass

Package Price
Day Pass Php 750
3-Month Unlimited Pass Php 15000

Ballet Pass

Package Price
Ballet Day Pass P 750
Ballet 5-Class Pass P 3000
Ballet 10-Class Pass P 5500

Kids Ballet Pass

Package Price
Kids Ballet Day Pass P 750
Kids Ballet 4-Class Pass P 2200