Packages & Promos

We’ve got the perfect package for every kind of Urban Yogi. New-To-Yoga Passes, Unlimited Passes, Flexipasses, and the Great Year Yoga PRIME Membership only apply to regular yoga classes. Separate passes may be bought for Kids Yoga and Birthlight Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga.

Packages bought online may only be used in the Pasig and BGC studios.

Read up on our Purchase Policies.

New-To-Yoga (NTY) Pass

Package Price
15-Day Unlimited Pass Php 1500

Great Yoga Year PRIME Membership

Package Price
Great Yoga Year PRIME Php 46800


Package Price
Reload 5 Classes Php 4000
Reload 10 Classes Php 6750
Reload 30 Classes Php 12750
60-Class Group Pass Php 42000
90-Class Group Pass Php 65250

Birthlight Yoga Pass

Package Price
1 Class Php 1000
5 Classes Php 4125
10 Classses Php 7000

Kids Yoga Pass

Package Price
1 Class Php 800
5 Classes Php 3750
10 Classses Php 6500

Unlimited Pass

Package Price
1-Day Unlimited Pass Php 900
1-Week Unlimited Pass Php 1400
1-Month Unlimited Pass Php 4300
6-Month Unlimited Pass Php 24600

Ballet Pass

Package Price
Ballet Day Pass P 750
Ballet 5-Class Pass P 3000
Ballet 10-Class Pass P 5500

Best Offers



Package Price
6-month Unlimited Pass Php 2900 per month
100 Days of Summer Php 10000
15 Day Unlimited Pass Php 995

Kids Ballet Pass

Package Price
Kids Ballet Day Pass P 750
Kids Ballet 4-Class Pass P 2200