FNR Athletics


FNR Athletics expands on principles explored in FNR, and prepares the student to handle more complex work by balancing strength and range of motion. Recommended as cross-training for athletes, and for students who are looking to transition from FNR to Vinyasa.

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We want to share the benefits of a regular practice by making it accessible for everyone, regardless of age or previous experience. Our instructors are committed to teaching a safe and progressive practice with precise, alignment-based direction. Click here to check for our faculty.



Marc Macadaeg

Maricar Holopainen

Martin Ngo

Nica Hechanova

Tara Santos

Glady Rosales

MJ Diño

Trisha Sarmenta

Andi Bañez

Janaka Ordonez


Jo Endaya

Barnee Bartolome

Lexi Payumo

Mel Torre

Carla Paredes

Margaux Lim

Rica Yabut

Amanda Zabat

Ron Habla

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