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About BalletWorks

Ballet comes to Urban Ashram Yoga through BalletWorks!

BalletWorks is a dance and movement studio, and they are thrilled to share their love for dance and wellness with Urban Yogis. BalletWorks believes that dance is for everybody. They foster a community of dance, fitness, and wellness enthusiasts sharing the same passion for the art of ballet. The environment is inclusive, upbeat, and nurturing. Through their classes, you will build physical strength and stamina, learn proper dance and movement technique, hone your creativity and intuition, develop confidence, and maintain overall mind/body well-being. Ballet works.

About BalletWorks Teachers

BalletWorks has a passion for excellence and continuous learning. Their teachers are certified and registered, artistic and knowledgeable in their craft. They are energetic, enthusiastic, caring, and nurturing.

Our teachers:

  • encourage learners to remain steadfast in their journey as dancers and in the pursuit of their personal goals

  • promote discipline, self-motivation, and active involvement in one’s personal development, enabling learners to take accountability for their progress as thinking and creative dancers

  • provide appropriate and effective feedback, thereby facilitating learners’ growth and appreciation of their progress

  • offer informed support for learners’ safe practice and holistic development

  • observe the principles of fairness, equality and professionalism in all dealings with students, colleagues, teachers and members of the public, ensuring that everyone is always treated with dignity and respect

About the Cecchetti and RAD Ballet Methods

BalletWorks’ teachers are trained in both the Cecchetti and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) methods. Both methods offer a comprehensive and rigorous syllabus ranging from Pre-Primary, all the way to the Advanced and Vocational levels. While not compulsory, students may be trained to take graded examinations with qualified examiners from the Cecchetti and RAD organizations. Students who successfully complete exams are awarded certificates by these organizations.

You will find more information on these methods through their official websites:
Cecchetti Ballet
Royal Academy of Dance


I have no ballet or dance background. May I still join a class?
Absolutely! Be sure to check out our Ballet 1 classes, which are designed specifically for beginners.

May I join a class at any age?
Our classes are currently tailored for teens and adults. Anyone from the age of 13 years and up is welcome!

I’ve had previous medical/physical issues. May I join a class?
If it’s a cause for concern, it would be best if you get a medical certificate from your attending physician, stating that you are fit to practice ballet. It will be for your own safety and our peace of mind. 😉

What are the benefits of taking ballet classes?
Where do we even start?! Aside from improving strength and flexibility, ballet improves your posture, balance, body alignment, and your general well-being. Here are other benefits that you stand to gain by practicing ballet:
– improves physical strength, muscle control, endurance, and stamina
– improves mobility/flexibility
– improves coordination
– teaches musicality
– provides a fun way to exercise
– encourages appreciation for classical music and the art of dance
– helps maintain a sharp mind because of the need to memorize combinations and exercises

What can I wear to class?
Comfort is key! Simple black leotards, opaque tights or leggings, and soft ballet shoes would be the best choices for dancewear.

How do I book?
Simply click here to log in and reserve your slot! You may also call the studio at 661-YOGA (9642).

Do you have any class restrictions?
Yes! We’d like you to keep your groove on with no distractions while in class, so mobile phones (which must be on silent mode) are not allowed inside the studio. They may be kept safely inside the lockers provided for you.

How long does a class usually take? Do they start on time, and do you accept latecomers?
A class runs for an hour and a half. Yes, we will always start on time, and we only have a grace period of exactly 10 minutes.

Do you offer private classes?
Yes! You may ask our friendly front desk staff about booking private classes. They will be more than happy to help you out.

How long will it take before I can progress to a Ballet 2 class?
This will depend on your abilities and dedication to your practice. Usually, a beginner student stays on the Ballet 1 program for about six (6) months to one (1) year before they are assessed for progression.


A special ballet pass to attend this class. Go here to purchase.


We are currently offering ballet classes in 3F Brixton Building, Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Go here to see the schedule.