Frequently Asked Questions

Your journey to wellness starts here.


I am not flexible, and I do not have any athletic background. May I still join a class?
Absolutely! Be sure to check out our FNR (Flexibility Not Required) and SFGF (Stress-Free Gentle Flow) classes, which are designed specifically for beginners.

May I join a class at any age?
Most classes are currently tailored for teens and adults. If you’d like yoga for the little ones, try Kids Yoga. We would also highly recommend our SFGF (Stress-Free Gentle Flow), and Restorative classes for adults of advanced ages.

I’ve had previous medical/physical issues. May I join a class?
If it’s a cause for concern, it would be best if you get a medical certificate from your attending physician, stating that you are fit to practice yoga. It will be for your own safety and our peace of mind. 😉

I am pregnant / I just had a baby. May I join a class?
It would be best if you get a medical certificate from your OB-GYN, stating that you are fit to practice yoga. We would highly recommend our Birthlight Prenatal and Postnatal classes.

I am already participating in another sport/workout. Will yoga still be useful for me?
Absolutely! Yoga is the best cross-training activity. Not only do they go together, but they also complement each other perfectly. Incorporating a high-impact sport and yoga into your routine can help you get the best of both worlds– you will gain better strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

What are the benefits of practicing yoga?
Workout fads come and go, but virtually no other exercise program is as enduring as yoga. It does wonders for your mind, body, and soul. You stand to gain:
• increased flexibility
• increased muscle strength and tone
• improved respiration, energy, and vitality
• better cardio and circulatory health
• improved athletic performance and protection from injury
• stress relief and better focus
• a balanced metabolism
• weight reduction

How do I pick a class?
Just visit our home page! Click here to see the full list of our classes, grouped according to your intention:
To Be Strong and Fit
To Relieve Stress and to Relax
For Overall Fitness
For Moms & Babies
For Kids & Families

How do I purchase a pass?
Click here to see the full descriptions and rates of all our packages and promos. You may buy right here on our website, or you may also purchase in our studios. We accept cash and credit card payments. Make sure you read up on our Purchase Policies too!

How do I book a class?
Reserve your mat here. Schedules may vary slightly every month. If you’re on mobile, find Urban Ashram Yoga in the MINDBODY Connect app! Check schedules, book classes, and see other yogis’ reviews. Available on the App Store, or get it on Google Play.

Where are the studios located?
You’ll find us in Pasig City and Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

Pasig • 3F Brixton, Brixton Street, Kapitolyo • 661-YOGA (9642) MAP
BGC • 9F The Menarco Tower, 9th Avenue corner 32nd Street  • 869-YOGA (9642) MAP

I am already an Urban Ashram Yoga member. May I use my current membership to take classes in other branches?
Yes, all passes are universal and may be used in our Pasig or BGC studios.

What amenities are provided in the studios? 
Yoga mats and props (blocks, straps, and bolsters) will be provided for you. Drinking water, shower, and toilet facilities, plus bath products are free for use. A bath towel may be rented for PHP 80.

Is there anything I need to bring?
You are advised to bring your own water bottle, yoga towel, and change of clothes. Don’t forget to bring your valid ID and membership pass or receipt!

What can I wear to class?
Comfort is key! Wear a comfy top with stretchy fabric, yoga pants or leggings, or bike shorts. A sports bra would be advisable for women. No shoes or socks required!

Do you have any class restrictions?
Yes. Mobile phones (which must be on silent mode) and all electronic devices are not allowed inside the studio rooms. They may be kept safely inside the lockers provided for you.

How long does a class usually take? Do they start on time, and do you accept latecomers?
All FNR and Kundalini classes are 75 minutes long. Vinyasa Flow and Restorative classes run for 90 minutes. Vinyasa Hour, Prenatal, and Postnatal classes are 60 minutes long. Pranayama and Meditation classes run for about 30 minutes.

Yes, classes always start on time, and we only have a grace period of exactly 10 minutes.

I’d like to try programs other than yoga. Do you have any other offerings?
Yes! We have ballet for adults/teens and kids in Pasig City. Even more complementary programs will be offered soon!

Do you offer private classes?
Yes! You may ask our friendly front desk staff about booking private classes. They will be more than happy to help you out.

Here are more tips for your class:
• Do a little research!
• Eat 3-4 hours before a class, but be sure to keep yourself well-hydrated.
• Get to the studio at least 30 minutes early.
• Always wash up with soap before your class. We also strongly advise against wearing strong perfume.
• Our staff and teachers are very friendly and will be happy to help in any way– so please ask away if you have any questions!
• Push your limits, but know your boundaries. Listen to the staff and teachers when they recommend which classes to take.
• Tell the teacher if you have any physical issues or injuries.
• Child’s Pose is always an option.
• Take your second class as soon as possible.
• Don’t forget to breathe, and remember: flexibility is not required!