Yoga’s Therapeutic Benefits

Experience the therapeutic benefits of gentle restorative yoga and decide to live with more vitality and grace. Join these workshops that will unveil your and your students’ innate healing potential. Learn the science, art, and magic that yoga has to offer.

Leslie Kazadi is a yoga therapist, prop wizard and relaxation maven. She balances deep knowledge with light humor. This empowers her students to trust their intrinsic wisdom, shine their inner light, and dwell in their possibilities.

This 3-day workshop will run from 12 to 14 October 2018, and will consist of 5 sessions. Leslie is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)®. Full attendance to this course offers 15 hours of continuing education through Yoga Alliance.


The Therapeutics Benefits of Yoga
12 October 2018 (Friday), 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Part 1 – Understanding Injuries and Rehab Lab for Low-Back Care
Practice and all is coming… including injuries and other obstacles. As a yoga therapist, my goal is to assess the source of these injuries and obstacles so that I can clear the path toward greater wellbeing for my students. To work therapeutically, curiosity and kindness are your best allies.

Are you curious about why students get injured in yoga? Or why injuries become chronic? Are you confused about conflicting information or alignment cues that don’t work for every body? Is it kinder to build more strength, create more ease or choose more modifications? It sounds complicated, but pain is simply a signal that something needs to change for the better!

Rather than viewing pain as an obstacle, learn how to see it as an opportunity to establish a new possibility. Learn the key components that contribute to injuries as well as their antidotes. Get clarity around how to assess the source of pain and what changes are necessary to establish greater ease.

We will explore the most common chronic condition, low-back pain, to put therapeutic yoga concepts into practice.

Rehab Lab: Low-Back Care
Does your low back bother you in backbends or other yoga poses? Is low-back pain preventing you from building the strength and flexibility you need to stop the cycle of pain?

Discover why the solution depends on many factors. Discern whether your body needs more stability or more mobility in different poses. Recognize your movement patterns and how to adapt them in standing, backbending, forward folding, twisting, sitting and reclining positions. Become aware of how the same patterns show up in your posture and in your life. With this knowledge comes the power to make changes for the better!

Part 2 – Science of Resilience
Do you wonder why some people bounce back easily while others struggle? Do you have students who get frustrated or discouraged easily? There are many factors that contribute to resilience. Some people are born with a natural capacity to adapt to challenges. And just like a muscle, you can nurture the qualities that expand inner strength.

Yoga IS resilience training. It builds strength and flexibility in our bodies and our minds. Learn why resilience is a function of vagal tone. Ascertain the key elements that build more resilience. Refine your teaching skills by developing language and practices to incorporate these elements into your classes. Perceive how this will revitalize your students as they navigate the challenges that inevitably arise in vibrant lives.


Shouldering Responsibility: Save Your Shoulders & Wrists
13 October 2018 (Saturday), 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Do you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? Are you pushing through pain in your shoulders or wrists, thinking that if you “shoulder on” that it will go away? If so, it may be time for a second opinion and some new habits.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. Technically, the shoulder girdle is 4 joints that have the capacity for beautiful, fluid movement and free range of motion. With freedom comes responsibility. When the shoulder girdle is both strong and supple, it supports healthy posture and breathing patterns. It contributes to a strong back, free neck and an open heart. Their power is harnessed in the arms and translates into the wrists and hands.

Learn how the shoulder girdle informs the structural and emotional health of the upper body. Discover how your habitual movement patterns and individual alignment can be adapted to better serve you on and off the mat. Discern what props and modifications will build more strength and mobility for you. Determine connections between your wrists and your shoulders. Believe it is possible to engage your shoulders as wings to freedom and joy.


Low Back R&R: Relaxation & Resilience
13 October 2018 (Saturday), 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Have you heard the expression, “sitting is the new smoking”? We are not designed to be sitting, especially in chairs, or for long periods of inactivity. Our low backs bear the brunt of this. Whether you suffer from an occasional achy low back or something more complicated, the first step to finding a solution is to find relief.

When the body is in pain, the mind can get muddled. It’s difficult to remember simple measures that can ease discomfort. Get tips on things you can do in your daily life to alleviate low-back pain. Learn how to support your low back with props in a gentle, reclining yoga session. And practice breathing and relaxation techniques that will empower you to give yourself some R&R for your low back any time you need it.


Introduction to Women’s Wisdom: Navigating “The Change”
14 October 2018 (Sunday), 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Did you know that there are 34 symptoms that are common in peri-menopause? It’s much more complicated than hot flashes and mood swings. Women often have a sense that they are not themselves or that something is missing long before they recognize that The Change is coming. Get the facts on possible symptoms and resources to assist you in a smoother transition.

Post menopause, there are universal physiological changes in women. Become aware of the risks that increase dramatically post menopause. Befriend the practices that promote healthy digestion, bones, joints and hearts. Acknowledge the emotional heart of the matter on a not-so-subtle level. There is wisdom in grieving the loss of youth and welcoming the next phase of life. There is beauty in trusting our intuition and embracing the privilege of maturing into Women Of Wisdom.


Self-Care for Sweet Dreams
14 October 2018 (Sunday), 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Can’t sleep? Don’t feel rested when you wake? Getting restful and abundant sleep is imperative for wellbeing and longevity. Lack of sleep is a biological stressor to the mind/body. Being stressed out is just one cause of sleeplessness. This can become a persistent cycle that can lead to chronic conditions, not to mention chronic crankiness.

Discover the habits in your daily life that may be impairing your sleep cycle. Learn some relaxation and de-stress techniques that will support you in the self-care of a good night’s rest that you can establish as a regular practice. Experience a Restorative Yoga session that will invoke the Relaxation Response and send you on your way to Sweet Dreams.

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Package VEBR EBR Published
1-Class Pass Php 3000 Php 4000 Php 5000
2-Class Pass Php 5500 Php 6500 Php 8000
2-Day Weekend Pass Php 8000 Php 9000 Php 10000
3-Day Full Program Pass Php 8000 Php 10000 Php 12000

The VEBR (Very Early Bird Rate) is available until 15 August 2018, and the EBR (Early Bird Rate) will be available until 15 September 2018. BUY NOW!

Terms & Conditions apply.

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Day Date Time Class
Fri 12 Oct 2018 8am-12pm The Therapeutics Benefits of Yoga
Sat 13 Oct 2018 9am-12pm Shouldering Responsibility: Save your Shoulders & Wrists
Sat 13 Oct 2018 1:30-4pm Low Back R&R: Relaxation & Resilience
Sun 14 Oct 2018 9am-12pm Introduction to Women’s Wisdom: Navigating “The Change”
Sun 14 Oct 2018  1:30-4pm Self-Care for Sweet Dreams

All workshop sessions will be held at our BGC studio, located at 9F The Menarco Tower, 9th Avenue corner 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City. See map.

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Certified as a yoga therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Leslie has worked with adults of all ages with many complex medical conditions. Her knowledge and experience have opened the doors to western medicine; she has designed and implemented protocols for yoga research studies, in physical therapy clinics, and contributed to articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.

As the former director of an IAYT school, she and Sherry Brourman co-created a year-long internship program for new yoga therapists. Certified as a SmartFLOW teacher, she has collaborated with Annie Carpenter on workshops for SmartFLOW advanced trainings in older adults, therapeutics and restorative yoga. She and Annie co-created a restorative yoga book, “Sukha: A Guide to Restorative Yoga.” Leslie’s yoga school, Alchemy Yoga Therapy, has 200-hr and 300-hr Teacher Training Programs registered with Yoga Alliance.

Known for her creative and perceptive style, Leslie’s teaches in an inclusive and approachable way. Believing in laughter as medicine, Leslie balances the depth of her knowledge with the lightness of her humor. This empowers her students to trust their intrinsic wisdom, shine their inner light, and dwell in their possibilities.

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