Beginners Yoga Course - Core Values

Beginners Yoga Course - Core Values

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Core Values: A Beginners Approach to Core Awareness and Strengthening

Teacher: Mel Torre

In this beginners workshop, learn how to carry yourself from your center. Explore ways to strengthen and build awareness in the many different areas of your core to help distribute weight evenly across your body in plank, side plank and reverse plank.

What you will learn:

  • Anatomy of the core to gain a better understanding its functions and actions.

  • How to activate the different muscles in your core for different variations of


  • Common problems encountered and how to find the optimal plank position for your body to

    lessen tendency to dump weight in your wrists, shoulders and lower back.

  • How to modify your practice to suit your body.

  • Drills that you can do at home or incorporate in your practice.

Recommended for:

  • Beginners just starting their yoga practice and wanting to build strength and

    body awareness

  • Refresher for Intermediate/Advance practitioners who want to refine their yoga


  • Students who experience wrist, shoulder, back pain when doing plank and its variations

Workshop Inclusions:

  • Lecture

  • Asana practice

  • Workshop Handout


3F Brixton Building, Brixton Street, Kapitolyo
(02) 661 YOGA / 0917 172 9642. See map.

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