Birthlight Yoga Pass

Birthlight Yoga Pass

from 1,000.00


Birthlight Prenatal Care

This class supports the mother as she goes through changes that comes with pregnancy by allowing her to connect with her body and her baby while keeping fit, strong, and relaxed. Recommended for all expectant mothers whether or not they have practiced yoga previously.

Birthlight Postnatal Care with Babies

This is an enjoyable class for moms 4-6 weeks after birth. It helps close the body after delivery, manage postpartum depression, facilitate bonding between babies and moms. and support breastfeeding. Babies welcome!


Drop-In Pass
Price per class: Php 1000
Total price: Php 1000
Valid: 1 Day

5-Class Flexipass
Price per class: Php 660
Total price: Php 3300
Valid: 2 Months

10-Class Flexipass
Price per class: Php 525
Total price: Php 5250
Valid: 4 Months

Terms & Conditions apply.


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