Teacher Training


Learn to teach yoga skillfully with compassion, safety and integrity.

About YogaWorks

Since 1990, YogaWorks has been a leader in yoga education and their celebrated alumni have gone on to become some of the world’s most renowned yoga teachers. The YogaWorks Teacher Training program blends yoga traditions from the east and west, integrating both into a practical and unique method that combines vinyasa flow with an emphasis on alignment and skillful sequencing.

Their mission is to provide each student with the necessary foundation to skillfully teach with compassion, safety and integrity, while honoring his or her individual voice and style. Whether you take the YogaWorks Teacher Training to become a teacher or simply to deepen your own practice, the YogaWorks training will uniquely prepare you to leave your mark on the world.


YogaWise Yin Yoga Teacher Training

A much-needed counterbalance to Power or Vinyasa styles, Yin exercises our body and mind through longer, passive postures that apply gentle stress to our joint tissues via bodyweight and gravity.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Extended Format
Aug 2019 - Feb 2020

After a decade of experience in facilitating and leading yoga teacher trainings in Metro Manila, we are taking our teacher trainings to the next level.