Urban Ashram Yoga

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Urban Ashram Yoga began in 2011 and is one of Manila’s longest running, premium yoga studios.


What’s on


300 Hour Teacher Training with Joan Hyman & JP Cox
August 2019 - February 2020

Want to understand and learn how to make yoga a viable career and a rewarding and sustainable vocation? Have you graduated your 200-hour? Take our 300-hour teacher training and sharpen your confidence, competence and gain the skills necessary to begin a formal yoga teaching career.

YogaWorks 200 Hour Teacher Training with JP Cox & Jennie Cohen
Feb 21 - Mar 29, 2020

Our 2020 YogaWorks Yoga Teacher Training is coming! Led by our very own JP Cox and Jennie Cohen, join us to become a yoga teacher or simply to deepen your own yoga practice, the YogaWorks yoga teacher training will uniquely prepare you to leave your mark on the world.


The Power of Thieves Make & Take Workshop
September 21

Young Living Essential Oil workshop led by Margie Duavit. Learn all about the power of essential oils and the benefits of living in a chemical-free home and then make your own healthier and economical cleaning and home products .


Claire Robbie is coming in November! Don’t miss her 3-day Meditation Course! 29 November - 1st December 2019

In this three-day course Claire will teach a deep introduction to what meditation really is; and show students how to develop a sustainable daily practice - the the foundation of all lasting shifts and evolution she's experienced. This course is for those wanting a comprehensive understanding of what meditation is and how they can use it to create change, contentment and joy in their lives.


Beginners Yoga Course: Bridge the Gap

14 September 2019

In this foundational workshop, learn how your body works when you backbend. Hone the essential skills needed to create space and length in your body to stabilize and move safely in prone and supine backbends.

Yoga Exploration Series: Wheels & Bows

13 October 2019

A thorough exploration of hip, torso, neck “wheels” and how they create deep yet spacious backbends within the “bow” family of poses, from Dhanurasana (Bow), Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward-Facing Bow) and eventually Drop-Backs.